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Generate Capital

Suzanne is part of Generate Capital’s extended team (as a consultant in NY State).  Generate Capital is a leading private equity investor in climate solutions nationwide. Generate builds, owns, operates, and finances assets in sustainable energy, mobility, water, waste & agriculture.

Hunt Country Vineyards

Suzanne helps run her fam­ily farm and winery in the Finger Lakes Region of NY.  The Hunts have been farming for seven generations and crafting wine since 1981.  They con­tin­u­ally strive to improve sus­tain­abil­ity in all aspects of the farm and business and in early 2020 they become the first winery in NYS to receive the Sustainability Award from the NY Wine & Grape Foundation. 


Hunt Green LLC provides strategic advising for decision makers in business, government and not-for-profit arenas on a range of renewable energy, sustainable mobility, agriculture, and green design challenges. » Learn more

Solar and Power

Suzanne is working with farms and wineries in New York State to install solar and other renewable energy technologies.


Re-inventing our agricultural system is essential to enabling resiliency and healthy communities as the climate changes and the population expands.


Accurate information and robust analysis provide the foundation for good decision making and innovative problem solving. We pride ourselves on our ability to obtain and translate complex information into compelling stories.


The transition off of fossil fuels, away from destructive farming practices, and towards a restorative economy overall requires diverse and often unlikely alliances, based on trust, capability, dependability, and follow through.


We all need to be inspired to work harder and dream bigger. To take on the world’s most daunting challenges we need to constantly push ourselves and others far beyond our comfort zones.

“Suzanne Hunt is a top-performing leader with high sights and an unquenchable commitment to make a difference while working with others. With her engaging personality, strong communication skills and clear vision, Suzanne inspires connections for common purpose and moves others to invest in a safer, cleaner future for all.”

Larry Schweiger Former President & CEO, National Wildlife Federation


“Suzanne is the genuine article. In the Climate Change movement there are a lot of folks who are working hard to pass legislation and promote solutions, but then there are folks who actually are moving technologies forward. Suzanne is actually digging into the details, meeting the entrepreneurs, learning new skills in finance, and generally working as hard as possible. In a word, Suzanne is a “DOer”. She does not pontificate or complain, she digs in and solves real problems. Go Suzanne!”

Jigar Shah Founder & Former CEO, SunEdison
Co-Founder, Generate Capital Inc

“Suzanne Hunt is a catalyst for action who works at the intersections of technology, policy, finance, and cultural arts. The value of her vision across multiple fields is reflected in the diversity of projects she has undertaken with clients and collaborators over the last decade.”

Dr. Holmes Hummel Former Senior Policy Advisor, US Department of Energy


“Suzanne is a greatly gifted and capable organizer with an unwavering commitment to create a better world. Hats off to Suzanne!”

Peter Yarrow Peter, Paul and Mary

“Suzanne is a force of nature. She is extraordinary.”

Mark Thornton Former COO of J.P. Morgan Private Bank, London; CEO/Founder of Business for the Planet