New Windmill at Hunt Country Vineyards!

Windspire at HCV small

Our new Wind­spire ver­ti­cal axis wind tur­bine is up and spin­ning on the hill at Hunt Coun­try Vine­yards! I will be at the win­ery on Octo­ber 9th for the ded­i­ca­tion of the Wind­spire. We will also be intro­duc­ing the newest win­ery addi­tion, which fea­tures heavy insu­la­tion, in-floor heat­ing capa­bil­ity, auto­mated tank cool­ing, and energy effi­cient light­ing, and has already resulted in a sub­stan­tial drop in energy usage.
Our 30 foot tall Wind­spire pro­duces 1.2 kW of power. Mariah Power man­u­fac­tures Wind­spires in Michi­gan, in a refur­bished auto parts plant employ­ing for­mer autowork­ers using Amer­i­can mate­ri­als. The tur­bine pro­duces 110 volt 60 cycle cur­rent, which feeds directly into the res­i­den­tial grid.  It has an auto­matic safety fea­ture whereby it can­not pro­duce power unless the grid is oper­at­ing. As one of the first Wind­spire mod­els in oper­a­tion in New York State, it will be used to demon­strate not only its unique advanced design, but also that small wind tur­bines can be a grace­ful part of the farm land­scape and can con­tribute to local self-reliance and regional sustainability.

If you are not famil­iar with vertical-axis tur­bines (VAT), they have sev­eral appeal­ing attrib­utes: they can pro­duce energy in lighter and shifty air and at less cost than the more com­mon hor­i­zon­tal axis pro­peller tur­bines, they are very quiet, and they are not haz­ardous to birds as the turn­ing blades give the appear­ance of a solid object for birds to avoid.

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  1. Wow, thanks for this. You seem to be quite the expert in this cat­e­gory. I’ll stop by more often.

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    A wind­mill is not only used to pro­duce cheap elec­tric­ity but it is also used to pump water in farms and lands. You can use the wind to pump the water from deep beneath the earth’s surface…