Suzanne quoted in Forbes Magazine

Photo taken from Forbes article

Forbes Magazine’s Todd Woody quoted me and other col­leagues in his August 08, 2011 “Jet Green” arti­cle. Note to self, any­thing you say to a reporter could end up in print!

Algae is the great green hope for jet fuels. “The­o­ret­i­cally, algae has incred­i­ble pro­duc­tion capac­ity,” says Suzanne Hunt, senior advi­sor to the Car­bon War Room, a group cofounded by Virgin’s Richard Bran­son that is work­ing with air­lines and bio­fuel pro­duc­ers to jump-start the indus­try. “Camelina plants and all the other plants that grow on land have to put all this energy into fight­ing grav­ity and into roots and fruits and flow­ers. Algae just floats and grows.“

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